Josh Bainbridge / VFX Software Engineer

2015, Jun-

Physically Based Renderer

My masters thesis consisted of implementing the rendering architecture described in Disney’s paper ‘Sorted Deferred Shading For Production Path Tracing’ and testing the architecture’s performance. The primary goal was the development of a system capable of handling production scale data sets, while still being scalable and allowing for artistic iteration. I also took into consideration industry standards for colour and image management. The principles behind it’s design are as follows.

  • Efficient data access through localisation in time and space
  • Object orientation and abstraction for higher level operations
  • Data orientation and optimisations for performance critical processes
  • Encapsulation only for polymorphism and extendible functionality
  • Concurrent model of execution

This project was developed in c++ and is written as an independent library, although a command line tool and opengl framebuffer are also included as an example of progressive rendering. The thesis itself can be accessed here which gives the theoretical background and details on implementation.

Follow this link to the GitHub project.

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