Josh Bainbridge / VFX Software Engineer

2014, Oct-

Morphogenetic Simulation

This c++ project was my submission for the Animation and Software Engineering module I did while studying at Bournemouth University. It is the simulation of a morphogenetic process, based upon the paper ‘Cellular Forms’ by Andy Lomas. I also wrote a multi-threaded path tracer (based upon Kajiya’s original design) to visualize the cells with an interactive user interface using NGL and the Qt library.

  • Cellular simulation
  • Physically based renderer
  • OpenGL visualiser and Qt interface
  • Modular design

The renderer is multi-threaded and uses a task based system to handle work loads between threads. It has a modular design influenced by renders such as PBRT and Mitsuba with extendible interfaces to many of the core features. A standalone version of the renderer featuring a scene description format and command line access can also be found on my github page.

Follow this link to the GitHub project.

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