Josh Bainbridge / VFX Software Engineer


My name is Josh and I’m currently working at Framestore as a shader developer in feature film. As I was originally from a creative background, I find satisfaction in helping resolve the technical problems limiting artists. That is to say, in allowing them to create the images they want to create, not the images limited by the tools they use.

Currently I am focussing on development of performance critical and scalable programs using c++ and other supporting languages. This involves thread and instruction level parallelism and attention to memory locality and access with potentially large out of core data sets. I also have experience using python for higher level abstraction, as wrapping it around lower level languages improves integration into larger pipelines.

To support this development I have gained a strong mathematical understanding relating to computer graphics including advanced forms of numerical integration such as monte-carlo methods using multiple importance sampling.

It has only been in the last couple of years that technical development has been my primary subject. Before this I worked as an illustrator and a technical artist using a range of tools from maya to the foundry’s nuke. I then later found an interest in shader writing and pipeline development. I believe that this background to be fundamental to my learning in that it has given me direction and an understanding of the creative process/needs.

I am especially interested in pipeline work as well as research/development in rendering architecture and physically based shader models. Any potential and interested employers please do get in contact as I am currently looking for work post study.