Josh Bainbridge / VFX Software Engineer

2014, May-

Heart of the Tree Animation

The Heart of the Tree is an animated short created as a final year project at Falmouth University. The animation is based upon a children’s story with a simple moral written by Martin Maudsley. It was produced as a animation that is heavily stylised and gave a breadth of artistic and technical challenges. My contributions were as follows.

  • RSL shader development with Photorealistic Renderman
  • Pipeline development and render management
  • Lighting and compositing of each shot
  • Modelling, sculpting and texturing characters/assets

Within this project my responsibilities tackled both creative and technical issues as technical director. Developing an illustrative look to the final image and enabling creative members of the team to reach their full potential without technical limitations.

You can download the rsl shaders and slim files for maya here.

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